11:57pm August 1, 2014
Do those upset your tummy?


The vitamins in the pictures do NOT upset my tummy. They go down easy, and I’ve had no stomach or intestinal discomfort with them. 

Before I was taking these I was taking the very popular brand 

I did not like them because the multivitamin was lacking, and had a lot of added stuff like dyes and stuff which made me uncomfortable, and their ‘dha’ pill that came with it felt like a joke to me. 

I HIGHLY recommend the metagenics company in general, I adore their products.

However if you meant do the probiotics upset my tummy- no. When you first start taking them, if you aren’t already regular they sometimes give you mild, but not uncomfortable, gas- but it’s a good sign they are working. C:

9:01pm August 1, 2014

Hello darling. I want to try and get back into normal posting. I miss you all very much, and haven’t heard from some of you in awhile. Hope you are all doing well.

These are the prenatal vitamins I am taking. I did a lot of research on different companies and a lot of them had so much stuff in the pills I didn’t like, or had lower of certain vitamins than I wanted (I definitely wanted a minimum of 1000 IU Vitamin D so that was a big factor as well.)

The 2 green pills are the multivitamins, the brown liquid one is choline, the two white ones are calcium/magnesium and the two yellow liquid ones are Omega 3s (EPA/DHA)

I love the brand Metagenics, I also use their probiotics and give their Children’s probiotics to Isaiha. :)

12:58am August 1, 2014

This is my son…hahahahaha

11:56pm July 30, 2014

At the park across the street from the place where I got the ultrasound there is a lovely park and someone wrote these sweet and wonderful words on the sidewalk in front of this gorgeous view. <3

10:53pm July 30, 2014

Baby names

Names names names!!

Hahaha well with my first son- it was instant. We had known since long before he was a realistic thought in our mind, that his name would be Isaiha. And as for this pregnancy, we had a girl name decided on 100% (Ophelia Artemis B.) However, now that it is another boy- we aren’t sure at all. 

These are names I like. Not in any particular order so I put a * next to ones I REALLY love

  • Jack
  • Connor
  • Oliver (Ollie)
  • Kael
  • Dax*
  • Soren
  • Nikolas (Niko)

Then there are other names I like but am 99.9% sure no one else would like (Wiley* [like the coyote], Mikhail*, Oberon, etc.) OR sound too similar to Isaiha (Iszak/Isaac, Josiah).

I’m open to other names but I’d like to think of more uncommon names. I feel like if we name him Marcus (one of the names Mat suggested) everyone will just call him Mark.

5:44pm July 30, 2014

It’s a healthy baby boy!

  • My parent’s left almost 2 hours ago.
  • Ultrasound was yesterday and I am having one, healthy baby boy. I am very excited!
  • I’m 15 weeks and 3 days along according to my ultrasound which is only 4 days off from my own estimate.
  • Due date according to ultrasound is Jan 17th (which is my brother-in-law’s birthday)
  • Went to the OB/GYN today had 7 vials (34mL total) of blood drawn, an aggressive pap smear that was NOT how I wanted to wake up this morning, and spent from 6:42am-10:20am at the clinic doing all of this stuff. D:
  • Everything looks fine so far. Next appointments are the 19th (an ultrasound by the hospital to get limb measurements and such) and the 20th (for another clinic visit)

Does anyone have any questions about anything? Relating to the pregnancy or otherwise? Hope you are all doing well.

2:06am July 30, 2014
I’m glad you didn’t delete the whole blog. I know you have other stuff going on in your life so you don’t post as much lately, but I still look at your older posts sometimes with the aerial yoga and steal positivity from those :)

This. You. These words like this when I’m most upset, are what kept me around. Thank you so so so much, and I’m glad you find positivity in my older posts. Also- your new URL is cute. C:

1:48am July 30, 2014
staysanegetfit asked: I'm sorry about the yucky anon bug you got. Some people are just so stupid and can find nothing in there life to find joy in so they feel they must strip it from others. I'm proud that I follow you because you didn't let them take that joy away ☺️

Thank you so much. That means a lot. I hope you don’t mind if I post this publicly. I want to clarify that I did not delete the posts for any other reason that to stop the hate.

I’m still open about my current issues, about my immense gratitude to those who have helped via words or otherwise, and about my great vacation with my family. I just- I didn’t want people ruining those wonderful memories by putting cruel words to them, you know?

Thank you so much, for making me smile, and feel a bit better amongst the hate. Thank you.

1:10am July 30, 2014
crazysexyfierce asked: What happened to half of your July posts??

For anyone wondering this same question- I received a flood of anon hate and horrible hurtful messages. I deleted a lot of my posts, and was tempted to delete my whole fitblr but would miss all of you too much.

I will probably eventually turn anon off and re-post some of the things I deleted, but I also do once in a blue moon get nice anons, so I didn’t want to turn it off but…even after deleting the posts people are still giving me shit because they don’t actually READ all my posts. :/

7:22pm July 17, 2014

I got tagged by becoming-rachelgreysummers in the selfies thing that’s going around, and while looking through my archives for selfies, I settled on 10 instead of 6.

Thank you for tagging me, going back through the archives of my Fitblr cheered me up a bit. <3 <3 <3

  1. Meeting Alice and laughing as Isaiha ran off while she was in the middle of talking to him.
  2. NerdYoga Link in “Deku” Tree Pose. <3
  3. NerdYoga as Iron Man! My dad took this picture for me and it was his idea to use the flashlight we had to try and recreate the light of the arc reactor and it worked! C:
  4. Enjoying my first batch of keto Chocolate Chunk cookies! 
  5. Testing out the elf ears that ironbull-bahorel let me borrow for my Link yoga.
  6. Me and Izzaroo
  7. First time doing Aerial Yoga! <3
  8. Blowing all of you kisses
  9. Showing off my rainbow mohawk the day after yesthatsmynaturalcolour/alliancetraining dyed it for me. That was a really fun visit to her place. <3
  10. Most recent pic of me and IzzyPOP together. C:

I would love to see all of your faces!! I know a lot of you have already done this, or if you have not yet done it that you have already been tagged in it. IF YOU FOLLOW ME, AND HAVE NOT BEEN TAGGED- PLEASE INSERT YOURSELF HERE AND CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED!!! Tag me fromsmallvilletosuperman in your post so I can see your wonderful faces. <3 <3 <3