12:53pm July 20, 2014


First of all, thank you all again for reblogging, supporting, and helping me to reach my goal. With only 9 donations in only 2 days I was able to reach my goal! And thanks to the last $50 donation that went over- it made it so that out of the $1050 I received $964 of it (as GoFundMe does take  a portion out)! :D but that’s more than I could have ever hoped for! So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! <3

Second, my parents should be pulling in to my driveway in just 4-5 hours!!!!! They drove all the way from Texas to come see me and Isaiha! And my dad is so excited to see me, that he drove as far as he possibly could last night, stopping a mere 4-5 hours away and they are already on the road again! C:

This is a big deal for me, because I never thought my parents would be able to come visit me in my new home. Some people asked, why my family couldn’t help me with the debt- and as far as my side of the family goes, their financial troubles are far worse than mine. My parents even lost the house I group up in over it a long time ago. BUT for the first time in the 24 years of my life- they are doing better! Not the kind of better than would make them be able to help me, the kind of better where they can finally breathe and enjoy life. Where they can afford to drive (but not fly) to visit me and Isaiha. Where they are able to go on a mini vacation together for the first time in FOURTEEN YEARS!!!

Because of all of that, and the fact I have no idea when I’ll get to see them again as I can not afford to go to Texas and I don’t know when they can come here again, I will NOT be online during their visit. They arrived today and leave July 30th early in the morning. 

To avoid Tumblr temptation, I will keep my laptop tucked in a drawer, and I will turn wi-fi off my phone.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if there is something you want me to see- PLEASE tag me in it: fromsmallvilletosuperman so that I will see it when I get back. Or send me an ask or fanmail, or even a submit if you want!! If any of you have my cell # feel free to send me a text or anything like that.

healthyblogforkitty- HEY!!!!! I will still be getting to your e-mails though by the end of the day or tomorrow night that I need to send! Thank you for being so incredibly patient with me!!!!

Lots of love and gratitude to all of you. And you can expect a spam of pictures and updates INCLUDING BABY NEWS UPDATES!! :D when I get back.

4:54pm July 19, 2014


Six selfies I have found buried away.

Each one means a lot to me.
My graduation day, my senior ball, when I FINALLY cut all my hair off, doing my own makeup and feeling fly about it, going to work at regal…I miss orange hair and then my most recent selfie haha. 

My Zhena being gorgeous, cute, and amazing all in one photoset! :D

7:09pm July 18, 2014

 Click here to support Fixing Financial Issues by Whitney Bray


Really nervous to post this, but since two people asked, I figured I’d give it a shot.

Oh my gosh I am speechless.

Thanks to an anonymous donor of $300, I have reached my $1000 goal in only two days!!


I still have $8,000 more to go to get rid of this debt before the baby is born, so I will keep the gofundme open for anyone else who is able to help me out, but please know that I am already so very thankful for what I have received and can not wait to put it all on the bill! It is going to feel so good to see that debt number go down!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

4:48pm July 18, 2014
Anonymous asked: Stay strong darling, you can do this! This shitty problem will soon be a distant memory! Plus you almost reached your money goal on gofundme in just two days! You go girl!

Thank you so so much!! I am so grateful! I really am! To only be $300 away from the goal is very exciting!! I am so humbled and appreciative to the people who have donated, and to the ones who have reblogged it to help spread the word. C:

3:56pm July 18, 2014


Taking on the open invitation of fromsmallvilletosuperman to post 6 selfies, as it’s a self-appreciation kind of day, I think :)

1. Photo from my Year 12 Masquerade themed graduation in 2010

2. Muckup day 2010 with my lovely friend Jess

3. My one and only trip to Movie World with some of my favourite characters (I want to go back!)

4. Selfie after the Nightwish concert at the beginning of 2013

5. My favourite photo of Nick and I from 2013

6. Geisha costume for my dojo kids disco fundraising event for Seishin Karate and Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia (FACAA) in 2013

I’m tagging fatmaninalittlesuit ^_^

Thanks for opening up the invitation Whitney, I wouldn’t have done this otherwise :) I hope everyone is having an awesome day! :D

These are gorgeous photos!! <3 You look amazing! I’m so glad you took up the invitation! <3 <3

2:07pm July 18, 2014


Since I was tagged by chinupsandchocolate and getfityeahh, I have to do this now, haha. Alright.

Top left: Me wearing my battle kilt

Top right: My lady and I

Centered: Taken during my little bro’s birthday. Wearing the birth control glasses the Army gave me.

Third row on the left: Just in the livingroom. Simple I know.

The mug: I forgot about this one and it made me laugh, so I threw it in.

Bottom left: 21st birthday. Had a hibachi dinner at Koto.

Bottom right: Just a thumbs up. I never really smile with my teeth.

I’m going to tag wakeuplena, timmy-bhblz my-wayward-shawn and princessswag55

10:47pm July 17, 2014

 Click here to support Fixing Financial Issues by Whitney Bray

Really nervous to post this, but since two people asked, I figured I’d give it a shot.

7:34pm July 17, 2014

Love and kisses to each and everyone of you wonderful, incredible people- drying my eyes with your kind words and bringing a smile to my face. <3 Thank you. <3

7:22pm July 17, 2014

I got tagged by becoming-rachelgreysummers in the selfies thing that’s going around, and while looking through my archives for selfies, I settled on 10 instead of 6.

Thank you for tagging me, going back through the archives of my Fitblr cheered me up a bit. <3 <3 <3

  1. Meeting Alice and laughing as Isaiha ran off while she was in the middle of talking to him.
  2. NerdYoga Link in “Deku” Tree Pose. <3
  3. NerdYoga as Iron Man! My dad took this picture for me and it was his idea to use the flashlight we had to try and recreate the light of the arc reactor and it worked! C:
  4. Enjoying my first batch of keto Chocolate Chunk cookies! 
  5. Testing out the elf ears that ironbull-bahorel let me borrow for my Link yoga.
  6. Me and Izzaroo
  7. First time doing Aerial Yoga! <3
  8. Blowing all of you kisses
  9. Showing off my rainbow mohawk the day after yesthatsmynaturalcolour/alliancetraining dyed it for me. That was a really fun visit to her place. <3
  10. Most recent pic of me and IzzyPOP together. C:

I would love to see all of your faces!! I know a lot of you have already done this, or if you have not yet done it that you have already been tagged in it. IF YOU FOLLOW ME, AND HAVE NOT BEEN TAGGED- PLEASE INSERT YOURSELF HERE AND CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED!!! Tag me fromsmallvilletosuperman in your post so I can see your wonderful faces. <3 <3 <3

4:12pm July 17, 2014

This is a video to explain what’s wrong. I made it a video so that only the people who really wanted to know would watch it, and I wouldn’t waste anyone else’s time with a long text post. YouTube did a great job of choosing a good warning thumbnail- that is pretty much how I look the whole video.

Thanks to the #secrethappyavengers for filling my inbox with sweetness, thanks to yogiosaurusbot, becoming-rachelgreysummers, and fatgirlgetsfitatlast for reaching out to me and letting me know they were there for me to talk too.

Warning: Again just a heads up if the thumbnail didn’t give it a way…I pretty much cry during this entire video. I tried 5 times to make it without crying and it didn’t work so…this was the best I could do. I will probably delete this soon because I am a complete wreck but I just wanted to explain myself.