4:46pm March 27, 2014

*lures you in with ‘emotive’ selfie*
*Shoves in pics of new athletic outfit*
*Cleanses your visual palette with another selfie*

Hiiya everyone!!!

My Fabletics outfit came in today- and I LOVE it!! 

  • Sports bra (size XL): The Sports bra…’fits’ but as I have tiggo bitties it doesn’t support them so much as mush them into boobcakes. Surprisingly comfy though.
  • Shorts (Size XL- they were out of XXL which I guess is good cause these fit well): THEY ARE SO FREAKIN’ CUTE AND COLORFUL AND I LOVE THEM!!! (I am still wearing them now with my black long sleeve shirt because they were too cute to take off!) They have these like…built in panties? So they are almost like swim trunks kind of? The fabric is quite- it doesn’t make a swishing noise when you walk like you’d think it would. The waistband is hella comfy- and I love these. 
  • Shirt (Size XXL- I should have gotten the smaller size but I figured if the shorts ended up being a little too small I’d use the bigger shirt to hide it, hahaha.): THIS IS THE COMFIEST ATHLETIC SHIRT EVER! Ohmygod I can’t even describe to you what this shirt feels like. It is silky smooth and just- omg…OMG THIS SHIRT!!! I am 100% going to get more shirts from them. So many more. And ALSO there is a gorgeous stylistic yellow stripe down the back that I didn’t take a picture of and in the stipe it has a zipper pocket for keys and important stuff!! (^_^ )

All in all I’d give the outfit an A-!! Thanks again ketoketoketo for posting about Fabletics! <3

  1. 8xhearts said: sexy lady
  2. proteinmind said: Hellooooo cutie !
  3. ketoketoketo said: So glad you liked everything! Your outfit is cute and I love the pattern on the shorts!
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